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A few quotes of Bruno Groening
on the practice of Tuning In
There is much that cannot be explained and nothing that cannot occur.
For God, nothing is impossible.
Trust and have faith, the Divine Power helps and heals.
Only have faith! Faith moves mountains.

If you observe your body, welcoming the peaceful quiet, with the intention to absorb positive energy for it, this precisely is what will happen.
It's just about one thing really, about that which is purely Divine, what is inside humans and that is the soul. Because it is through the soul that a human has the pure Divine reception, the reception of the Divine Transmission.
An when any person walks this path...They feel a current flowing through their bodies. They feel well on this path, that is, that a feeling of delight has come over them. Yes and this feeling of delight is God! God wants us to experience this delight. 
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