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I currently offer online meetings via my youtube channel 

Unless I am traveling, I offer gatherings 2x per day, at :

9am PST- a Talk and guided meditation

12:15pm - a guided meditation on taking in healing life energy.


To join in, just go to the channel.

Most videos will have a little time in the bottom right corner, but a few will have the word "live" and a "set reminder" button under the video. Those are the upcoming scheduled live videos.

Or it will say "live now" which means I am broadcasting.

Just click on the video to join.

For updates every month or so, send an email to with "mailing list" in the title.

Meetings  are offered by voluntary donation- meaning I am happy to receive donations for them, and giving is not required.

Channel link:

Do you have a community or group of people who you would like a meeting facilitated for? Please contact me and I can lead a meetings via phone, online and or in person. 
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