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In 1949, one of the most amazing events in human history happened:

Blind people regained their vision.
Paralyzed people stood up our of their wheelchairs and walked.
Terminal cancer patients were suddenly cancer free.
Severe case of trauma- vanished.
And so much more.
All of this occurred around and through the work of a man named Bruno Groening.

The essence of his teaching was that:
There is an Energy,
that can bring peace to the mind,
open the heart,
heal the body
and so much more.

This website is dedicated to teaching people how to access, that Force, how to "Tune In" to find a direct connection to this Natural Divine Energy.

First hand accounts of people healed by This Divine Energy

(and introduction to Bruno Groening):




How to receive This Healing Energy

Guided Meditation:



Overview of this information:








Guide to this website and resources for how to learn 

how to learn more:


Who was Bruno Groening


"There is much that cannot be explained,

but NOTHING, that cannot occur!"

"Nothing is impossible,

Nothing is incurable!"

~Bruno Groening

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