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The technique for receiving Natural Life Energy (called "Attuning"  or "Tuning-in”  in German: Einstalin) is quite simple.
Through “ Tuning in” one is able to receive this energy for help, healing on all levels of being (including supposed “incurable illness”), spiritual awakening, and ultimately to attain what Groening called “Self-Knowledge.”
There are three main parts to Tuning In- Physical Preparation, How to Begin, and What to do While Tuning In
Physical Preparation
Sit in a chair, both feet on the floor with legs uncrossed or feet touching.
Rest your hands on your legs, palms facing upwards not touching.
Keep your back straight (not using the back of your chair, if possible)
Close your eyes.
How to Begin
Once you have adopted the physical posture, there are a number of different ways to begin to “Tune In.”
-Think of something beautiful or something that makes you smile or brings you joy
-Ask The Divine for Help
-Ask a spiritual being, a Helper, to help you make the Divine Connection. Bruno Groening said this was something he could assist people with this.
What to do during Tuning In
-Once you begin observe your body, noticing the feelings and sensations.
-Have the intention to take in This Energy and let go of that which no longer serves you or is not good, as or Bruno said, “Pay attention to your body with the will to receive the Peaceful Quiet and the additional will to absorb this Energy for your body."
-While practicing, it is very important NOT to think of burdens or illnesses, or to dwell on negative thoughts, and actually to give away all troubles, burdens or negative thoughts to God or a Helper. “Focus your entire attention on your healing.” ~Bruno Groening
To review:
~Sit with both feet on the ground, not touching, hands on your legs, palms facing up and close your eyes
~Think of something that makes you happy, have this wish to be healthy, open yourself and ask for Help
~Feel! Observe your body, the sensations and feelings, having the intention to receive the Healing Wave
Go ahead and try it now! Ask the Divine or a Spiritual Helper for help, and sit and observe your body.
The number of people who have received actual healings from this simple technique is uncountable.
100,000's of people have experienced healings of incurable illnesses, and the healings are still occurring
This video offers a 
brief introduction to 
and leads you through 
a short session of
Tuning In:
For a longer guided session of Tuning In, you can watch listen to and practice with this:
Tuning In is not just a healing technique. It is something to do daily- to take in The Life Force, and be full of positive energy. Bruno Groening likened the human being to a battery- and that we need to recharge daily.
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