This website, the youtube channel and the online meetings are out of gratitude for this information, which saved my life.

I offer all of the above by voluntary donation, meaning I am happy to receive monies for the work I do and no donation is required, at all.

And, when it is joyfully received and appreciated.

You can paypal money to: (as it is a donation, please select friends and family, unless paying for a service)

You can vinmo money to _____

Thank you SO MUCH to all who have generously given (and one special soul who began donating before I even publicly asked for donations) and those who are considering it.

Big Love!

What donations go to:

Historically I get about double what my costs are.


For example- I have spent around $1850 on this project and received around $3500.

In the past I promised to split the donations in between money that went directly to me and money that went to costs and future projects. I am no longer doing this, and just trusting that I will be taken care of and this project will be taken care of.

Truth Bur