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Please read this page before reaching out

I do all I can to help people on this path. I mainly do that through creating online content.

I wish could personally connect with everyone who wants to.

I live my life as a Quasi-Monk- dedicating most of my time to service and spiritual practice. 

To support me and my work when you reach out please do not:
ask questions

share problems

try and strike up one on one conversations

ask for me to tune in or pray for you
(you can do all the above here)

And here is a list of books and organizations who teach Bruno's work see "More Information" and "Further Resources"

please do:
Share your name, where you're from
Let me know why you're reaching out
~If you are new to this teaching I am happy to do a free introduction to these teachings. Let me know some good days and times in US Eastern Time. 

~Help or Healing Report- if you have experienced significant help on this path- please let me know! And indicate if you would like your name kept anonymous

~Wanting to share appreciation, gratitude, etc.
~A service project you would like to work on together 

If you'd like one on one support or help on this path, please hop over to:
service offered
 page- for details.

If you would like to connect as peers- send a short voice message introducing yourself. 

 TheHealingCurrent at

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