Under construction!


Please read this entire page before contacting me via email.

I LOVE supporting people on this path!

If you would like help on this path- let's connect.

Before connecting, please read below:

I DO NOT like to carry on conversations by email or text!


So when reaching out to me, please 

ask questions

share problems

try and strike up a conversation

ask for me to tune in or pray for you (you can do that here)

please do:
share your name


Currently the Healing Stream is a one man show.... And, I already do too much on the computer, so to support me, please:

Put a clear topic in the subject line for any emails, such as:

Wish to be on the mailing list

Help or Healing Report- if you have experienced significant help on this path- please let me know! And indicate if I can share it anonymously or with your first name attached to it. 

Wish for a session/introduction

Wanting to share appreciation, gratitude, etc.

Questions about donations

And please don't via emails:

Ask questions or seek guidance, share about your personal problems/illness/challenges, make prayer requests. I am happy to find a time to explore the above- LIVE- meaning via telephone, skype or in a online conference room. Please see service offered page, to see a list of all the services I offer.

​​This is DEEPLY supportive of my well-being, thank you!


Truth Bur