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Powers of the Spirit

Wisdom of Life Vol 1 A collection of quotes of Bruno Groening- in 3 volumes

The Phenomena Bruno Groening- A documentary film about Bruno Groening.

Bruno Groening- a True Helper- an e-book by the founder of the Bruno Groening Friends

Now- onto "organizations" and individuals sharing Bruno's teachings.

Bruno Groening was a Master, in every sense of the word. Those of us who are now sharing his work, are not!

So when listening to a person talk about Bruno Groening, it is essential to do what Bruno Groening said, "DON'T LISTEN TO PEOPLE! LISTEN TO GOD!"

My understanding of what he means by this is, check, within yourself EVERYTHING you hear from someone and see if it "resonates" with your inner knowing. 

This includes everyone who teaches or shares Bruno Groening's work, which of course includes me and this website.

So for anyone deeply interested in what Bruno Groening taught- the only real way to do this is to Tune In and read directly what Bruno Groening direct words.

I have head many deep distortions of Bruno Groening's teachings by people:

Here are a few:
~"Humans are too weak on their own, they need the group." Bruno Groening NEVER said this, he said, "Humans are too weak on their own, they need GOD." 

~The  healing energy is gotten at the community hour, which is the "charging station." Bruno Groening never said this. he said people could receive the Healing Energy everywhere. Most healing do not occur in group settings.

~Over emphasis on healing- Bruno Groening said physical healings were 10% of his work. Some people over-emphasize their importance.

~Guaranteeing or forcing a healing. Bruno Groening said that healing MAY NOT OCCUR in this lifetime if the person is not not spiritually mature or if there is a lesson to be learned. He pointed out that some illness were part of a design for the person's life plan, and they would have them their whole life. Bruno Groening himself said that only God knew when the timing of a healing would be right.

~Receiving messages from Bruno Groening- Bruno spoke of himself as an old-fashioned long distance operator- he helped people make the connection to God. In fact he spoke out against channeled or medium-esque messages saying they were often distorted. Some people claim to receive "messages from Bruno." Bruno spoke out against this practice. 

~Taking out or hiding Bruno's teachings on Jesus Christ. Bruno Groening spoke often of Jesus and in fact Bruno said that what he taught was not his own teaching, but simply the teachings of Jesus Christ. Bruno did not advise anyone to "become a Christian" but to follow the path that Jesus taught.

~Over-emphasis on group- Some people falsely claim that if you participate in a group and then leave it, you will loose your healing or that being a part of a group is a requirement. Bruno never taught this, in fact he said:

"After I am gone, the time will be right for everyone to experience help and healing inside of themselves- everyone will become their own physician!"

With that warning offered:

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