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Bruno Groening was an interesting "teacher" in the sense that he didn't really like questions, and never took them during gathering he led.
Instead, he taught people a way to find their own answers- through Tuning In.
A beautiful summary of this can be found by clicking HERE under the section "Be a God listener instead of a man listener."
In fact, according to Bruno Groening, our problems stem from the fact that we listened, and listen to people who think they know The Truth, and actually don't! 
With that said, I am happy to help people find their own answers to and find ways to apply Bruno's teachings to their lives, and look at life through the lens, the perspective that Bruno Groening has offered us. 
Please see services offered for different ways I do this.
A personal example of how Tuning In answered one of my deepest questions
For almost 15 years I studied an Indian Philosophical tradition called Advaita Vedanta. I read books, went to teachers, asked question and question, I even went all the way to India and Australia to talk to people who were alleged masters of this wisdom, asked lots of questions, and to no avail.
After about 3 months of practicing Tuning In regularly, I picked up the book I had looked at 100's of times (and never been really able to make heads or tails of)- and it all made sense. I understood exactly what was being talked about!
This simple practice of Tuning In gives us DIRECT ACCESS to not only Healing, but Wisdom! 
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