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In 1949, one of the most amazing

events in human history happened

Blind people regained their vision.
Paralyzed people stood up our of their wheelchairs and walked.
Terminal cancer patients were suddenly cancer free.
Severe case of trauma- vanished.
And so much more.
All of this occurred around and through the work of a man named Bruno Groening. Of himself he said he was merely an instrument of God, and never took credit for any of the healings that occurred.
Groening said that the Divine, God, which he said is Love, Life, Goodness, Love and Harmony itself, is constantly sends forth an Energy to aid humanity.
He called this Energy The Heilstrom (German). This simple word has many possible translations- The Healing Stream, Medicinal Power , Divine Force or Energy that Leads to Wholeness.  The picture at the top of this pages is Bruno Groening, with this Energy caught on film.
He taught a simple technique for receiving this energy, which he called  Einstalin (German), which can be translated as Tuning In, Attuning, or Taking In.
Through “Tuning in” one is able to receive this Energy for help, healing on all levels of being (including supposed “incurable illness”), spiritual awakening, and ultimately to attain what Groening called “Self-Knowledge.”
He went about doing good, healing 10's of thousands of people. He preformed healings under the direct observation of medical doctors.
Groening said that what he taught was not his teachings, “but solely and alone the teachings of Jesus Christ,” saying “If people had gotten the message 2,000 years ago, I would not have had to come.”
However, he did not call anyone to convert to the religion of Christianity, instead calling people to follow the path, the way of life that Christ modeled, in a sense to strive to be “Christlike”: to have faith and trust in the Divine, to love, to serve, “to follow God,” to be in connection, communion and union with God, to honor Nature as a Sacred, to know ourselves as Children of God -inherently Divine and Good- and to learn how to be a vessel for this Healing Energy.
He said all people. regardless of race, nationality or religion were children of God, and that he had come to help all people.
Before he left his body Groening said, "When I am no longer with you in person, everyone will experience help and healing within themselves. Everyone will be his own physician! Healings will spread around the entire world, it cannot be stopped."
And his words have rung true, by applying his teachings “miraculous” healings continue to occur DAILY all over the world. Tens of thousands of people have received not only healing from “incurable” disease, but profound spiritual awakenings and transformations.
To learn how to Tune In, click HERE
First hand reports of people who  experienced Healings with Bruno Groening: (starts at 2 minutes 15 seconds):

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