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This will be an online E-Course to systemically teach people:

how to become their own healer

how to live a "spiritual" i.e Natural way of life

What is "God" and how to commune and be guided by God

And the actual fundamental teaching of Christ:

How to become a Master of Life


Don't BELIEVE anything in this course.....

Instead, find out for yourself if it is true.

Introduction Video

This is a path, a way of life, not a religion

Don't believe anything I say- find out for yourself

Treat this (and everything) as an Experiment

The pre-requisites for spiritual healing- willingness to believe.

Get to define "Higher Power" or God

​My story of healing

Others stories 

Helping others- how to pass this energy along to others

After watching the introduction,

Please watch these videos:

Healing of Radiation Sickness

A short clip of the documentary film I mentioned- with accounts of healing

Become your own Healer/Physician  

This section covers how you can receive help and healing through taking in "Life Energy."

Video for this section

The Natural Life Energy- What is it?

How to Receive the Divine Energy

How are healings possible?


Asking for help

What is the Source of this power.... and of creation?


If you feel to see a doctor, see a doctor!

Fine Tuning the Practice of Receiving Life Energy

Some details and common questions about the practice of taking in Life Energy

 Video of this topic

Reviewing the Basics

Need to be calm first

​What to do while

What to do with a wandering mind

Sitting, standing, lying down

When, how long, how often?

What to do if you don't feel anything?

Foundations for a "spiritual Life"- i.e. "Natural" Way of Life 

 fundamental spiritual concepts for learning how to live a life "in alignment" with yourself, others, nature and "God.

Part Two Video

​The relationship between the natural and the spiritual

Is how I am living healthy and natural

The Game/School of Life

What is "Evil," and Good from a spiritual perspective

The Power of Thought- 

What are we?

The power of faith/trust

Nature as a healer

Deepening our spiritual life

Going deeper into the JOYFUL, natural way of living

 Part Three Video

Our Inherent, UNCHANGEABLE Divinity

The Problem of listening to people

The Power of Group, teacher

....and the problem of Group

There is only one dependable thing.... God​

Why we NEED God.... and need humility

Having a direct experience of God, instead of getting hung up on a name or concept of God​

Our basic spiritual human need for wholeness, aka- unconditional happiness 

Making a Natural/Spiritual life a priority

Turning "spiritual practices" into "spiritual living"

 Part Four Video

Making it a priority

​Striving to feel Connected throughout the day

​Why we NEED faith

Understanding "why do bad things happen to good people?"

What is COMPLETE faith?
Religion vs Spirituality consciousness

Overcoming the force of Habit

Why we need ​self reflection and how it helps us overcome habit.

Reviewing the Fundamentals

To build a solid structure, first a solid foundation is needed

 Part Five Video 


Good and evil




New Definition of God

Connected to and Being Guided by God

St. F pryer

Becoming an Instrument, A "Servant" of God

The ultimate goal of life- to be in Service, to Life

Video on this topic

What does it mean to "be a servant of God"... simply put to be DEVOTED!

And... it is going to be a fight.

Learning to monster EVERY thought

Understanding what healing actually is

Understanding that evil is the ROOT cause of every problem... 

And understanding the ONLY solution

Cleaning up ourselves first

-Pure Vessel

-Until we are free, we're not



Putting it all together 

The original 12 Step Program

Video on this topic


Final Summary

Seek the Good, be mindful of "evil"....


I offer this course free of charge, if you received benefit from it- donations are appreciated, see the donation page







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